iFruit is a unique business opportunity in the ice cream business. iFruit Ice Cream Business is a format of a retail business with product offerings ranging from Ice Creams, Milkshakes and Desserts to Waffles and unique snacks. It a highly profitable business with a very low investment requirement. For initiating the iFruit Business you do not require any prior experience of the food or ice cream business. Any person with basic knowledge or skill can start and run this business profitably. We provide complete equipment set, materials and training required to excel in this business.

The following are the products that an iFruit Parlour sells profitably:

  • Ice Cream Rolls
  • Softie Ice Cream
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Hard/Normal Ice Cream
  • Gelato
  • Milk Shakes
  • Crushed Ice Drinks
  • Sorbet
  • Waffles
  • Stuffed Waffle Sticks
  • Ice Cream Floats
  • And many more innovations…

As a part of this innovative relationship, iFruit provides the machinery and training required to operate and sell ice creams in the form of iFruit Rolls, Swirls, Sundaes and other desserts and snacks. iFruit does NOT charge any annual franchise fee for the first 100 Franchisees. So be the first to start in your area and make money !

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
Amount (Exc. GST 18%) 7,25,000/- 6,25,000/- 5,25,000/- 6,25,000/- 4,25,000/-
Sr. Equipment
1 Dual Rollie Machine
2 Single Rollie Machine
3 Popsicle Machine
4 Soft Serve Machine
5 Batch Freezer
6 Belgium Waffle Machine
7 Cone Waffle Machine
8 Candy Waffle Machine
9 Deep Freezer
10 Mixer
11 Raw Materials
12 Installation & Training

What you get against the investment ?

The complete machinery to operate the ice cream parlour and consumables (Milk Powder and Cups).

What kind employees or people can be trained to make the ice creams?

Any person with good physical and mental health can operate the machines and can be trained to make the ice cream rolls and swirls in just 2 days. We station our employee at the outlet for the first week to make the training and transition simple for our partners.

What kind of returns can I expect ?

Gross Margins of more than 80%.

Where can I see the videos of the process in which the ice cream is made and dispensed?

Please visit:

What are the gross margins on the products?

The material cost is only 20-25% of the selling price of the ice cream and hence the gross margins are in the range of 75-80%.

How much space do I require for starting the business or adding the business to my existing outlet?

The entire setup requires only 80 - 100 sq feet of space.