Single Rollie Machine

single rollie machine


Length : 4 feet
Width : 3 feet
Height : 3 feet

This is a high power refrigeration system for cooling a metal plate upto -22 Degrees to freeze Ice Cream premixes instantly. This machine is used to make live Ice Cream. As soon as the Ice Cream Premix / Milk is poured on the chilling plate, it freezes in into cream which can be blended with fruits, condiments, chocolates and other flavors live in front of the customer. It provides an exicing offering for the Ice Cream Parlours and shops since users find it very amusing to see ice cream being made live and fresh in front of them. Also since the flavours are blended live and fresh, they remain tangy and are very intense making the Ice Cream taste amazing.

Products which can be made: Live Ice Cream Rolls, Sundaes.